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Stage rentals in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you planning an event that requires a stage? Whether it’s a concert, a conference, or a wedding, the stage is the centerpiece of your event. It’s where the action happens, where the performers shine, and where memories are made. But not all stages are created equal. If you want to truly elevate your event and create a memorable experience for your guests, you need the ultimate stage rental. 

Multiple Stage Rental Sizes

Rent stage in Phoenix, Arizona from small to large. Our stages start at 4’x4′ with larger sizes available. 

Elevate your event

Arizona portable stages & packages are rented by the day or hour. Let us know what package works best for you. Set up and delivery fee not included. Most stages take less than an hour for set up. We also offer PA speaker packages for your rental. Our stage light rentals pair nicely with any stage rental.

Easy Setup & Install

Easy to install and quick set up time. Same day delivery & tear down availability in the Phoenix metro area.

Stage Rentals Scottsdale Arizona

Don't stress, We’ll Handle Everything

Stage Rental Services

Event Stage Rentals Phoenix

Stage Lighting

Need to add a dynamic, exciting, or dramtic atmosphere? Add some lighting to your stage rental.

Stage Accessories​

Add stage skirts, stairs, speech podium, advertisement banners, and more.

Stage Rentals Risers

Our stages make great choir risers for your next show! You can easily have a small to medium sized choir elevated for your next performance. Groups and choirs love our stages & risers for their performances. Rent a choir riser.

Small Choir Riser Stage Rentals

Smaller stage sizes include:

2. 8 ft wide by 8 ft deep (1-2 people, small speech) $300

3. 16 ft wide by 8 ft deep (3-6 people, panels) $600

Riser stairs: $50/each

Medium Stage Rentals

1. 16 ft wide by 12 deep – $750

2. 24 ft wide by 12 deep – $1750

Stage stairs: $50/each

Note: Medium stage rental sizes can be best for panels of people, bands, award ceremonies, graduations, or more. Contact us with more information if you are looking for something specific.

Large Festival & Concert Stage (Outdoor Stage Rentals)

Call us to talk more about large festival or portable stages (like the SL100). Large sizes include 20ft x 30ft or bigger!

Stage Rentals Contact us

Speak with us today to see what event rental package best fits your special event! Each option works best with different crowd sizes, but you can still upgrade if you’re feeling like your event needs that something extra.

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