AV Visual Equipment Rentals

AV Visual Equipment Rentals in Phoenix, Arizona.

Need high-quality AV Visual equipment rental services for your next conference, trade show, concert production or political event? Look no further than AZ Stages. We provide projectors and screens, monograms (GOBOs), TV screens, and even a LED Video Wall.

AV Visual Equipment

Our visual equipment rentals are perfect for corporate conventions, trade shows, political events and more that require an engaging visual aid. Our screens come in multiple sizes and can be adjusted to fit your event specifications. 

Give your event a visual experience

Perfect for conventions, tradeshows, political events, and more.

AV Visual Equipment Projector & Screen

projector and screen rental projector and screen rental phoenix AV Visual Equipment Rentals

Present a captivating presentation featuring a dynamic slideshow tailored for your conference, trade show, or political gathering.

With HDMI and USB ports, effortlessly connect your PC, tablet, and Mac, ensuring compatibility through convenient plug-and-play connections.

AV Visual Equipment - TV Screen

AV Visual Equipment Rentals

High-definition LED/LCD monitors for digital signage and video at presentations, digital signage, trade show booths, meetings, and other events.

AV Visual Equipment Monogram (GOBO)

AV Visual Equipment Rentals

Elevate the style of your wedding, corporate event, or party with our sleek and modern designs.

We provide a vast selection of designs that can be easily customized to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your event needs.

LED Video Wall

Enhance the concert experience to new heights by incorporating an LED video wall

Elevate any stage with custom designs and remarkable backdrops.

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If you’re planning an event in Arizona and need a reliable stage rental company, look no further than AZ Stages. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get started on planning your event.

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