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Welcome to AZ Stages, the premier source for professional stage rentals in Arizona! Whether you need a stage for a corporate event, concert, festival, or any other type of event, we have the perfect solution for you.


Rent a stage in Phoenix, Arizona from small to large. Our stages start at 4’x4′ with larger sizes available. 

AZ Stages Phoenix

What could possibly make your special event even more unforgettable? Renting a stage in Arizona! For the last 10+ years, Phoenix stage rental has had customers thrilled by their affordable and reliable stage rentals that are suitable for any type of event. Whether you need a stage near me or somewhere else in Arizona, you can be sure to find something perfect just a few clicks away. With the most cost-effective solutions available on the market, rest assured that your stage rental experience with AZ stages will be satisfying and worry free from start to finish.


Arizona portable stages & packages are rented by the day or hour. Let us know what package works best for you. Set up and delivery fee not included. Most stages take less than an hour for set up. We also offer special FX, and PA speaker packages for your rental. Our stage light rentals pair nicely with any stage rental. We now offer silent disco headphone rentals.

Small Portable Stage Rentals

Smaller stage sizes: works best for 1-6 people, small speeches, or small panels of up to 6 people.

Medium Stage Rental

Medium stage rental sizes: best for panels of people, bands, award ceremonies, graduations, or more.

Large Festival & Concert Stages (Outdoor Stage Rental)

large festival or portable stages (like the SL100). Large sizes include 20ft x 30ft or bigger.

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